Enjoy a bit of Kent – Alkham Court

Last week I had a short break with my dad in Kent, more precisely Canterbury, Dover and farmlands in between. Before that I had never been to the county known as “the Garden of England”. The weather was extremely pleasant while we were there. Lots of sunshine and fresh breeze. The B&B we stayed at was a little gem hidden pretty much in the middle of nowhere (took us a good 20 minutes to find it after the GPS refused to show anymore details) – it was just off the smallest (and very hilly) country road we’ve driven past. No phone signal there at all either, didn’t help much.

But all the hassle was worth it – the view from the farmhouse was absolutely stunning. We’ve witnessed some amazing sunset from their conservatory (photo below). The farm has 20 odds horses and while we were there they were just getting more lambs in which will make the farm look pretty lively. Wendy and Neil (the owners) were really friendly and had prepared a few walk routes for their guests which came quite handy. They were also quite relaxed about guests taking walks on their farm – it was a very nice walk itself and super convenient.

For the whole time I only used my wide angle lens (sigma 12-24mm) which was perfect for some dramatic shots in the open fields. It is a wonderful lens and a must for me when traveling about. The only complain I have to it though, is that because of the spherical shape the lens catches dust and dirt easily. Since I’m using a full frame camera, most of the time I have to take the lens hood off so there’s virtually no protection over the lens. That reminds me, I should probably go clean it now.

Horses on Greenfield Farm

Hello Horsie

Beautiful sunset at Alkham court overlooking the farm

The ‘Oak Room’ (a nice conservatory with sofas and dining table inside) of Alkham Court, Kent


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